Online Addiction Support Mutual Aid Groups

Passenger 12-Step Support Group Meeting

Tuesdays 16:00 GMT, 11:00 EST – 12 step support group meeting for any music industry person who is a member of a 12 step fellowship. Come for a friendly and open vibe. Takes place on Zoom, founded with touring music people in mind.

Roadies in Recovery Meetings

Happens Fridays 19:00 EST, Mondays 18:00 GMT – specifically for roadies in any 12 step fellowship. Expect a good deal of empathy from others crewside who are navigating life in recovery. Takes place on Zoom, founded with touring roadies in mind. Roadies who don’t tour are also very welcome.

MusiCares 12-Step Support Group Meetings

Check listings on MusiCares website. 12-step support group meetings that are clinician-lead and a chance for any industry person in 12 step recovery to be amongst peers and share their experience, strength and hope.