"In the 25 years that I have been touring I have never worked with a more capable, intelligent and sensitive tour manager than Suzi Green"

PJ Harvey MBE

Suzi understands an artist’s needs and has enabled me to give some of my best performances on a lengthy tour by making sure that myself and my numerous band and crew have been kept happy, healthy and comfortable and therefore able to reach our full potential. I would seek only her for future tours and have no doubt in my mind she is one of the best and most qualified tour managers working today. “

PJ Harvey ‘Hope Six Demolition Project Tour’


“Having worked in the artist management field for the best part of 30 years, I’ve worked with a great number of tour managers.  It’s a complex role requiring a very broad skill set from budgeting and production logistics to team management including hiring and firing, often carried out in difficult conditions with tight deadlines and sleep deprivation. There are few people who can master this spectrum. Having worked with Suzi for 2 years on the global PJ Harvey tour of 2016 /17 she demonstrated she could handle everything and achieve results better than I could have hoped for, especially when it came down to managing a large group of people.  This enabled me to spend significantly less time on touring matters, only needing to get involved when Suzi needed my input; her judgement as to when this was required was impeccable.  All in all, I couldn’t recommend Suzi more highly.”

Brian Message, ATC Management (PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Nick Cave)


“Suzi’s TMing is off the scale. I’ve been a touring artist for a good part of 15 years and I’ve never been as impressed as I have been when Suzi tour managed our 2018 winter tour. We toured with a full rhythm section as well as a choir, covering 37 European cities in 8 weeks. Suzi was calm and meticulous in dealing with whatever the road threw our way. She has set such a high standard in my eyes for tour managing that anyone else is gonna have quite a lot to live up to.”

Katie Melua

"I would highly recommend this powerhouse of a woman!"

“I’ve toured for 10 years and Suzi is by far the best tour manager I’ve had. Her communication skills are excellent and she always manages to remain calm and clear, no matter what the situation. Her background in nutrition is also hugely appreciated by all of us – particularly on a 40 date tour with 4 dancers onstage. I would highly recommend this powerhouse of a woman!”

Marina Diamandis

© Kristina Keliris

“Suzi was our tour manager for The Chemical Brothers through the summer of 2018. Throughout the tour she was calm under pressure, able to plan ahead and made sure everything ran smoothly. Artist and crew got where they needed to be on time and felt looked after on what was at times a difficult schedule with festivals. I can’t fault her professionalism and approach to the role and I would not hesitate to work with Suzi again, hoping the opportunity arises soon!”

Robert Linney, The Chemical Brothers Manager

“Suzi has a unique ability to manage complex situations and people from all walks of life. The artists, crew and all of our promoters love working with her.”

Hannah Green, Prabhu Music Manager

I could not be happier with Suzi’s work ethic, positivity, and care

She is without doubt one of the most professional, organised, conscientious, creative, and solutions-oriented people I know – even in the face of extreme adversity. With Katie Melua she managed a team of over two dozen people with such extreme diligence I hardly ever received calls from the road requiring management assistance. Not only did Suzi stay focused internally, but she also maintained focus on the thousands of others externally who worked with us to deliver a hugely complex live show night after night . The challenges were monumental – ranging from logistics to contracts; providing consistently for the emotional and physical well-being of others; dealing with flight cancellations and geo-political chicanery; and all the while maintaining a cheery smile, great sense of humour, and eagle-eyed attention to detail. Hats-off to you, Suzi. Our working relationship continues to be an honour and a privilege.”

Sumit Bothra, Managing Director, ATC Management (PJ Harvey, Katie Melua)


“Suzi has been consistently excellent in her role as a key manager in the WOMAD team. As well as being a skilled professional with exceptional knowledge of her role, she also works well under pressure, leading her team calmly under what can be extreme stress. On top of all of that she has a good sense of humor, is well organised and is a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Smith, Director WOMAD

“Her attention to detail, diplomatic manner, team leadership and knowledge of production have made her and her team an essential part of the organisation. It is a high priority to me that any artist performing at festivals I organise are looked after very well and have a great time. Suzi has been the only person in this role that has achieved the high standard of hospitality that I require. I recommend her to you.”

Fiona Stewart, Director Green Man Festival


“Suzi Green is one of the most remarkable, dedicated, calm and professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. I wouldn’t want to organise an event without her having a key role.”

Katrina Larkin, Co-founder Big Chill Festival

“Suzi has worked on Ninja Tune shows and tours for many years and has always been a great asset, managing projects brilliantly, good at spotting problems before they happen and fixing them, pro-actively creating detailed schedules and itineraries. I can definitely recommend Suzi.”

Peter Quicke, MD Ninja Tune