Financial Support

Back Up Tech

Our friends at BackUp Tech are serious heroes. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been helping so many crew with their relief fund as well as lending a hand to those who need help with their finances due to health reasons. They have been known to step in and do everything possible to ensure techs are looked after in their greatest time of needs and we couldn’t say enough how much we value them in our community.

Help Musicians

Help Musicians is the working name for the Musicians Benevolent Fund which has been around for over 100 years. All of those years of experience means that this committed bunch are very in tune with the life a musician leads, including what they need to succeed for their physical and mental wellbeing as well as offering regular specific grants to help musicians get to the next level of their career. They also provide the Music Minds Matter service which is a listening ear for any music industry professional when they need it. True diamonds.

PRS Membership Fund

If you are a PRS member, this is your fund. Help from the PRS Benevolent fund can be anything from support with ill-mental health /addiction therapies as well as a range of other challenges that members may have with their financies.

Royal Society of Musicians (RSM)

One of the oldest musician focussed charities in the country, the Royal Society of Musicians was founded following the death of a musician who sadly lost his life to alcoholism. The musicians’ family decided to found the charity so that no family should ever need to share their experience. The RSM fund helps its members with medical costs (including funding mental-health and addiction related therapies), as well as financial concerns that might happen along the way, too.

Stage Hand

A cause very close to our hearts, Stage Hand is the charity for Production Services Assoociation (PSA) members. It is run by crew who understand the ebbs and flows of life and have provided lifelines for so many roadies during the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of relief grants. In addition to this, members can also apply for help with funding their medical costs (including mental health and addiction therapies).

Royal Theatrical Fund

This charity recognises that musicians and crew are miulti-talented and often spend stints working in places like theatres (but also appreciates that we may have not spent our entire lives in the same job!), so will also consider applications for help from musicians and crew who have had a stint in theatres, too.

The Royal Variety Charity

We love this charity as they acknowledge the entire live music family and will consider helping ANYONE who has been a part of the business for a time. They support with unforeseen financial hardship as a result of certified ill-health including mental health and or addiction. They even have a residential home for the our entertainment industrty elders, too – coined ‘Old Pro’s Paradise’ by its residents!