Community Lead Groups that we Love

Music for Mental Wealth

Laura who set up MMW is a Back Lounger. Her organisation focuses on prevention of mental health challenges in the music industry through coaching and the ‘Music with Meaning’ campaign. 

The events they host are amazing with musicians giving heartfelt meanings to the inspiration behind their songs. I was lucky enough to attend one in between the lockdowns and it felt especially poignant being the first live music I’d heard in many months.


We Need Crew

WE NEED CREW, we salute you! Set up and run by two roadies, We Need Crew started out as an idea to get urgent financial support to crew whose voices were going unheard at Government level. What resulted was the creation of a MOVEMENT which has raised some serious funds for BackUp Tech to provide relief funding for roadies. Their efforts continue, too, as they plan other ways to help crew through the pandemic and beyond! We urge you to support them in any way you can to amplify their message loud and clear – WE NEED CREW!