BAPAM are a charity like no other in the UK. They will help ANYONE in music at ANY level and offer services like a FREE GP consultation. From this, you can get active referrals to their approved clinician’s list, or a formal letter to take to NHS services to help aid referrals (including mental health services). This list is very unique as not only does it host a list of clinicians who know their stuff, they also have an empathy for music people. So when you go along to one of their clinics, you will be met with empathy and compassion for the industry that we know and love. BAPAM also host great online sessions for wellness maintenance, too, run by their clinical professionals.

Music Minds Matter (from Help Musicians)

Music Minds Matter is an open ear for any member of the music industry who is struggling. Whether it be with their mental health, financial difficulties, or anything that life may have in store, Music Minds Matters is there to listen. Staffed by a team of BACP accredited therapists, the service can also provide regular CBT sessions to musicians who qualify. Music Minds Matter is a service proudly provided by Help Musicians and a service that has never before been so vital for our community.

Music Support

Like us, Music Support was started by the industry, for the industry. They support anyone working in the UK music industry who is experiencing ill mental health or addiction challenges by being a confidential, non-judgemental ear to listen as well as specialists in signposting to help based on the specific needs of the individual. They are connected to various industry-focussed support as well as a network of heavily vetted therapists and treatment centres who, first and foremost, have their own lived experience with the music industry. They also offer sunsidised support with MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID TRAINING. I trained with them, Norman Beecher is fantastic!


TONIC RIDER is a community of musicians who have their own lived experience with ill mental health and or addiction challenges. They offer 6 week peer support groups for people to come together and heal through conversation and friendship. They are led by a clinician, Adam Ficek, who himself is both a successful musician and a psychotherapist. In addition to this, they host online learning, specific resources and interactive workshops in a non-judgemental, recovery-friendly space.