Next Wednesday on The BACK LOUNGE, with stress levels rising and sleep deprivation a thing once again, we’re looking at ways to cope and ‘KEEP CALM & CARRY ON’. Our guest is Tracey Howes, champion freediver & breathwork trainer, you can look up her amazing work here If breathwork is something you’ve only vaguely heard of, as well as deep diving without an external oxygen source, it’s also a very transferrable method of restoring & maintaining equilibrium helping you keep your head when all around you people are losing theirs’. It can improve sleep quality, focus & reduce anxiety. Wednesday 29th June 6pm London BST

How can we make it stick and is there a dark side to all this we need to be mindful of? We’re joined this week by special guests Malle Kaas and Erin Lynch from WILM (Women in Live Music) – they’ll be sharing their experience of life on the road. Join us, this is an important one. Wednesday 7th July 6pm BST

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Thank you TPI

Thank you TPI for announcing the free workshops for the touring industry coming soon via The BACK LOUNGE. First one next week Monday 21st June 6pm BST London.
These are for anyone with a connection to touring – musicians, crew, agents, management etc. All welcome. We’re looking at how to deal with those heated moments, creating boundaries and how to get better sleep and cope with jet lag. Eventbrite links in the article.

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