Green Club Index

The Green Club Index is a directory of German clubs that operate in an energy-efficient way. They also provide resources and consultancy to venues who want to join the project.

Green Deal Circular Festivals (GDCF)

Green Deal Circular Festivals is an organisation that supports sustainable innovation and green growth in European festivals.

Green Events

Green Events is a Dutch sustainability knowledge platform for the international events industry. They provide resources, workshops, and consultancy, as well as create partnerships between organisations and professionals in the events sector.

Green Touring Network

The Green Touring Network in Germany helps artists and professionals in the music industry to reduce their impact on the environment through collaborating and sharing knowledge.

Green Music Initiative

The Green Music Initiative is a German platform for the music and entertainment industries. It aims to lower carbon footprints and environmental impacts within these industries.


Ecotricity is a British 100% renewable energy company that reinvest profits in building more renewable energy sources. They are very involved in the arts and live events through partnerships and collaborations.