3 Phases

On The BACK LOUNGE next week – THE EVENT VACUUM – with Joanne Croxford, production coordinater for Duran Duran and mental health & recovery advocate amongst many other hats ? We love & loathe it in equal measures - the 3 phases of working in a business that is both exciting & excruciating. Pre, during, post tour. Phase 1 - trying to keep one foot in your ‘home reality’ & simultaneously in the future as you try to orchestrate the best scenario for your upcoming days/weeks of work ? Phase 2 - on site, reality becomes pressured & heightened = you wonder how you have a life outside the event vacuum & just as you start to settle in this alternate galaxy, you find yourself in…? Phase 3 - you are suddenly back to the very homelife you started out in - but you’ve changed somehow & how will you ever explain to those at home just how … and which day was it again that the bins need to go out ? Join The BACK LOUNGE Wed 11 Jan 6pm GMT to swap stories & share solutions of navigating all this & more as we launch 2023 ?

Next week it’s ‘FEAST OR FAMINE’ on The BACK LOUNGE. Have you been lucky enough to have some work? How was it? Is it great to be back but it also feels more exhausting and more stressful somehow than before…have we lost our mojos and gone soft?! If you relate, then no – it’s not just you. Our esteemed guests this week are Jeordie Shenton & Adam Ficek at Tonic Rider www.tonicmusic/tonic-rider ?All welcome. DM to join ? Wed 18th August 6pm BST

How can we make it stick and is there a dark side to all this we need to be mindful of? We’re joined this week by special guests Malle Kaas and Erin Lynch from WILM (Women in Live Music) – they’ll be sharing their experience of life on the road. Join us, this is an important one. Wednesday 7th July 6pm BST

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Thank you TPI

Thank you TPI for announcing the free workshops for the touring industry coming soon via The BACK LOUNGE. First one next week Monday 21st June 6pm BST London.
These are for anyone with a connection to touring – musicians, crew, agents, management etc. All welcome. We’re looking at how to deal with those heated moments, creating boundaries and how to get better sleep and cope with jet lag. Eventbrite links in the article.

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